Concrete, cement, crepe paper, wood, wire, wheels.  


Transplanting Cityscapes is my first solo exhibition. This mobile installation reflects on the idea that individuals fluctuate from city to city. Individuals group into organisms, forming part of ideal communities. These communities seek growth, yet reality is the distortion of idealization. 
Nowadays we choose our own ecosystems, and we are inspired by how they might look and what they represent. We transplant from one pot to another, dreaming to grow roots in the right place. We are affected by all and nothing.

This body of work was created during my residency at The White Page


Amy Toscani and myself have had an ongoing discussion about creating, destroying and art making. Excited to be collaborating and uniting their passion for craft, identity and urge for experimentation at ArtPrize. This project is made possible thanks to the ArtPrize Pitch Night Minneapolis sponsored by the Walker Art Center. We pitched live as one of th 5 finalists and got awarded $5,000 to create, install and exhibit in Grand Rapids MI.


Piñatas were introduced in Mexico by the Spanish who used them as an allegory to help them in their efforts to evangelize the native people of the region and converted them to Catholicism. The original piñata was shaped like a star with seven points. The points represented the seven deadly sins. The blindfold represents faith and the stick is virtue or the will which overcomes sin. Rewards would come from heaven if triumphant. 


Over 100 large hand made piñatas were created to hang from the ceiling of the 9000 sq. foot vacant building. Paper mache, cardboard, new techniques that break from the tradicional craft-paint, metallic paper and thread-, with unexpected surprises in the inside.