Sculpture Week

Very exciting week teaching sculpture to 10-13 year olds at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. It was awesome getting to know future artists and their work. Really cool to do all that inside the Museum. 


I am a fellow for the Minneapolis Art Lending Library!!!

Carolina-3773 copy.jpg


How it works:
Come to the American Craft Council on July 29th from 5pm-8pm to browse our collection of over 90 original artworks. Once you find one that you love, we will check it out for you. Then it's yours to display in your home or office for three months, free of charge!

If you are a first-time borrower, please make sure to bring a state-issued ID!

During this lending event patrons will have the opportunity to interact with an original installation by our summer artist fellow Carolina Borja (ME), 'Better a bird in the hand than two in the bush' a Mexican craft- paper mache piñata installation that incorporates sound and audience participation. The artist will also be available to meet and ask questions.

Friday, July 29th, 2016 5:00 - 8:00 PM
American Craft Council
1224 Marshall St NE #200, Minneapolis, MN 55413


work in progress show

These next two months are really exciting for me!! Many new pieces are coming together and I will show them in a couple of exhibitions. But before the work is totally done, I am exhibiting with my friend and artist Katie Beumer. Here are some picks of Half Baked.

I am a Juror

Last year, I got to pitch during ArtPrize Pitch Night at the Walker and it was incredibly exciting. This year I am a juror, which is equally exciting. This event is worth going, a very dynamic presentation with a winner. Come to the Walker and join the fun!!

Tune in and watch MN Original

I was part of last's cycle for Made Here, a storefront initiative. MN Original created a segment about the amazing project you can watch it online or tune in Sunday at 6pm on Twin Cities Public Television.

Watch their incredible episodes online or click here for their TV Schedule

City Sounds

Traveled to Des Moines IA for an incredible project. City Sounds invited a couple of artists to paint pianos for a public art initiative that is happening this summer. Pianos will be set around the downtown area and available for people to play. There is also some great events scheduled to activate those colorful pianos. 

Join the flash mob!!


This flash mob is a dynamic and bright performance that will leave a sensation of extra ordinary on an ordinary Tuesday. 
On February 16th at noon an ensamble of performers will take over the skyway link #36 in Lowertown St, Paul MN. I have been working on this project for a couple of months thanks to the support of Forecast Public Art and their Making it Public 2015 Grant.

These moving flower sculptures will be assembled and disassembled during the 10-minute performance. A documentary style monologue narrates the fictional story of a woman who works in the area and is going out to lunch, thinking about how her survival depends on her performance at work. 
I seek to highlight the collaboration that exists between individuals and organizations; addressing the importance of growth, belonging and productiveness in the community. I wish to promote consciousness on the co-dependency that exists in order to keep us a float. The piece talks about money but more focused on how it really is a constant energetic exchange rather than stacking up of currency.
Thanks if advance to Junauda Petrus and Bedlam Theatre for their collaboration.  


Take a look at thEsE incredible guidelines

Made Here is releasing there new call for art and created an E Book that gives great advice on how to make your application the most appealing. I am lucky to have been a past artist and got included in the E book as well. Check the guidelines and the calls!! 

View the E Book

Definitely moving forward

Stepping back, looking forward is the upcoming exhibition at MCAD. Here is the lovely work of Michaela Chorn were she interviews all the women in the group show. Including me!!!

Photo credit: Michaela Chorn

Photo credit: Michaela Chorn

An un-gendered merge

Recently I wrote a short essay that emerged from my recent installation Zipper Merging Your Ducks in My Row. The Minnesota Women's Press published the essay in their January issue as well as many other stories involving feminism, the Guerrilla Girls takeover and Stepping Back Looking Forward one of the related tour events.

Read the whole issue here

What happens after college?

Excited to have been invited to be participate in a panel discussion at MCAD. It was a great conversation on what to expect and how to get the jobs we need. Here is a pic of Susan Pagani, Ashely Selmer and myself.

On the (internet) air

"Joan of Art is a weekly podcast on the Alive and Social network that investigates and celebrates people who make art! Joan Vorgerbruggen invites you into a discussion with artists from every corner of the universe--new episodes uploaded every Monday"

I was invited to be part of the 6th episode and had a great time discussing Public Art and recent projects with other artists.

Listen to the podcast here