Collaborating with Sandra Teitge and Franziska Pierwoss

Union representatives, waste pickers, government officials, architects, artists, academics, urbanists - all in one room at six tables!

In the context of Mexico City, a city that produces extreme levels of waste and in which, as a result, official and unofficial ‘waste management’ economies have emerged and co-exist, Pierwoss & Teitge are developing a dinner performance for the MUAC that will address the ambiguity of this situation.
During the culinary as well as discursive evening, questions of the local demands of organic waste management, informal economies, and waste crime in the city along with their social, political, and economic importance will be addressed. Around a menu, specifically conceived for this context, invited experts together with the audience are invited to converse over dinner.

This was an awesome experience and feel very greatful to have been involved in the project. I served as a local liaison for Teitge and Pierwoss during there stay in Mexico City and development of A Trashy Tale.