Join the flash mob!!


This flash mob is a dynamic and bright performance that will leave a sensation of extra ordinary on an ordinary Tuesday. 
On February 16th at noon an ensamble of performers will take over the skyway link #36 in Lowertown St, Paul MN. I have been working on this project for a couple of months thanks to the support of Forecast Public Art and their Making it Public 2015 Grant.

These moving flower sculptures will be assembled and disassembled during the 10-minute performance. A documentary style monologue narrates the fictional story of a woman who works in the area and is going out to lunch, thinking about how her survival depends on her performance at work. 
I seek to highlight the collaboration that exists between individuals and organizations; addressing the importance of growth, belonging and productiveness in the community. I wish to promote consciousness on the co-dependency that exists in order to keep us a float. The piece talks about money but more focused on how it really is a constant energetic exchange rather than stacking up of currency.
Thanks if advance to Junauda Petrus and Bedlam Theatre for their collaboration.