Local liaison for Sandra Teitge and Franziska Pierwoss’ “A Trashy tale”. Mexico City Mexico. A 3-month project.

Teitge and Pierwoss received funding from the Goethe Institute for their research and performance project “A trashy tale”. I was selected to serve as a local liaison and assist, manage and collaborate on the project that was held at the Museo Universitario de Arte Contemporaneo. Mexico City produces extremes levels of daily of waste, in which official and unofficial ‘waste management’ economies have emerged and co-exist, the project consisted on developing a dinner performance addressing the ambiguity of this situation.

Foto by:  Organización Editorial Mexicana, El Sol de México


In an attempt to investigate the problematic on Mexico City's formal and informal economies regarding waste several interviews were held with movement agencies, non profits, union leaders, urban planers, etc. 

Newspaper used to wrap and cook chicken served as main dish. the newspaper is the headline news of when ºThe King of Trashº was murdered by his wife.. 


A culinary and discussion event where the topic was exposed. A specific menu designed in collaboration with chef Raul Gonogora. A performative setting with recording microphones on each table and a moderator that switched the tone from real and comfortable to sensationalist press.


Franziska Pierwoss leading the first session workshop.


Artists and art students were invited through the Museo Universitario de Arte Contemporaneo`s programing to be part of the workshop that included site visits, discussion, and a peek at Teitge and Pierwoss work process.