Steel, paper mache, crepe paper, tissue paper, performance, narration and sound. 7' x 4' x 2'.


A public art flash mob that seeks to highlight the collaboration that exists between individuals and organizations; addressing the importance of growth, belonging and productiveness in the community. Cross-Poll-Igniting intends to spark this unique co-dependency. Project possible to the Making it Public Grant from Forecast Public Art.

Call for Volunteer performers flyer.


  • Funded through Forecast Public Art.
  • Supported by The Bedlam Theatre through the Making it Public workshop.
  • Performance Director: Junauda Petrus
  • Photography by: John Pocklington and Sara Montour 
  • and the precious support of the volunteer performers.


Metal bases inspired on coat hangers, paper mache flowers, Intertwined business accessories and foliage transitioned from one side to the other. 


The performance was a 10 minute flash mob that encouraged pedestrians to join the piece with the intent of generating some sort of reflection of the relationship they have with local businesses and their role in their economic situation.

The scrip, a sort of Discovery Chanel documentary style that described the main characters' day during office hours.