I am a young emerging visual artist. I studied Industrial Design with a minor in Mexican Folk Art. I was born in San Diego California, and as a child I lived in the border city of Tijuana before establishing in Mexico City. I feel attracted to the contrast of cultures, to the collision between customs and traditions. My recent work speaks of identity, fragmentation and the way it can lead to unity. I incorporate elements of crafts and popular arts into my own work. Papier-mâché, tissue paper, crepe paper, thread, and cartoneria merge into a more contemporary art esthetic.

I believe I am working at the intersection of art, craft and public art. I feel a need to create awareness and consciousness of the information we obtain, but even more so, to the way we interpret and store it. I envision continuing to work on more ephemeral, multidisciplinary and participatory projects.


Email: carolinaborja@icloud.com