I am a young emerging visual artist. I studied Industrial Design with a minor in Mexican Folk Art. I was born in San Diego California, and as a child, I lived in the border city of Tijuana before establishing in Mexico City. I feel attracted to the contrast of cultures, to the collision between customs and traditions.

My work meets at an intersection where sculpture, public art, and Mexican craft find common ground. My background comes across through the incorporation of urban and craft elements; Papier-mâché, tissue paper, crepe paper, thread, concrete, wood, and cartoneria. The work reflects on urban shifts and our responses to the rapid growth spurts of the mega cities we know today. The work becomes a sort of didactic and interactive collective brainstorm regarding; mobility, economy and cross-culture in high populated environments.

CV-Carolina Borja (2019).jpg
CV-Carolina Borja (2019)2.jpg